The Cone, The Mobile Cone, and Hawaiian Five-OH are part of the same company, so most employees who work at The Cone can also work in The Mobile Cone or Hawaiian Five-OH mobiles.

However, since we do over 200 events we have a few staff members each year who are The Mobile Cone or Hawaiian Five-OH mobile employees only!

Positions Available

Mobile Only Staff Member

Must be 16 or Older to Apply
You would be setting up and tearing down events, and serving ice cream or shave ice to customers. These events are typically high energy but fun! Mobile Events can generate many tips that are in addition to your normal wages!
15-30 hours/week

Mobile Event Leader

**Must be 18 to Apply, and Preferably Older**
You would be towing generators to Mobile Cone events or trailers to Hawaiian Five-OH events. You would then be the leader of that event. This would include but is not limited to, keeping staff working, setting up and tearing down events, communicating with whoever hired The Mobile Cone or Hawaiian Five-OH mobile when Keith is not present, and towing the generator back to The Cone. An upbeat, responsible, people person is what we are looking for!
15-35 hours/week

Turning in Your Application

Although we do accept applications year-round, the optimal time to submit them is between January 1 and March 1.

Tap on the link below to fill out your application online. There is no way to save your progress so you will need to fill out your application in one sitting. The form is mobile-friendly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at manager@thecone.com

New employees are usually filtered into the schedule between April and May. Your start date will depend on age, availability, and when the application was submitted. We will send out a list of the order in which trainees will be starting.